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History | History

5 Things You Didn't Know About Alan Shepard

Nov. 18 is Alan Shepard's birthday. HowStuffWorks Now shares some little-known facts about the first American in space.

Entertainment | The Hometown

Suitors Line Up to Operate ArcLight Hollywod, Cinerama Dome

Marcus Theatres CEO Greg Marcus told investors that some ArcLight Hollywood and Pacific Theatres locations are too productive to stay dark.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

9 Facts You Should Know About Mount Sinai - Shavuot

Mount Sinai is where G‑d Himself descended and struck a deal with His chosen people.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Antisemitism on two wheels - Cycling Weekly turns toxic

The latest edition of Cycling Weekly puts their readers in a saddle and takes them for a propaganda dtriven antisemitic spin.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Antisemitic Terrorists Murdered My Brother,’ Claims Sister of Israeli Shot Dead in Baltimore, as Police Say Motive Was Robbery

Israeli citizen Efraim Gordon was shot dead while visiting Baltimore. Photo: courtesy of Gordon family. The sister of an Israeli …

News | The News

Peloton Recalls Treadmills

Fitness company Peloton Interactive Inc. announced that it will be separately recalling its Tread and Tread+ treadmills in a safety effort.

Science & Technology | Tech

Researchers Create Free-Floating Animated Holograms That Bring Us One Step Closer to Star Trek's Holodecks

Back in 2018, researchers from Brigham Young University demonstrated a device called an Optical Trap Display that used lasers to create free-floating holographic images that don’t need a display. That same team is now demonstrating a new technique that al

Sports | Sports

Baseball on the Radio and the Lost Art of Listening

The world getting you down? Fight back by savoring an American tradition no amount of wokeness can take away: listening to a baseball game on the radio.

Sports | Sports

Willie Mays Turns 90 - The New York Times

On the occasion of baseball’s oldest living Hall of Famer turning 90, a reflection on the conditioning that powered his greatness.

News | News

Arabs: Jews ‘Judaizing’ Jerusalem

When considering the evidence regarding Jewish rights in law and tradition pertaining to all of Palestine, it is obvious that there is no “occupation.”

Entertainment | Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek: Why Spock Limps in 'The Cage’

In the original Star Trek pilot 'The Cage,' Mr. Spock sports a limp. The episode gives the reasons why but questions have remained nonetheless.

News | News

Man Who Shot And Killed 3 At Kansas Jewish Centers Dies In Prison

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. founded two white supremacist militias in the 1980s and served time in prison but fell off the radar of law enforcement before his deadly antisemitic rampage in 2014.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

How Intel is leveraging AI to drive sales

Intel is adopting AI internally to bolster its sales and marketing efforts, including through the use of natural language processing.

Music | Music

Punk Rock Theory • Punk Rock Theory

All the punk and hardcore related news, interviews and reviews you never asked for.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

Disney unveils its first real-life retractable lightsaber — and it looks incredible

Watch Disney's first real-life lightsaber in action before it debuts at a new 'Star Wars' hotel in 2022.