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Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

A Big List of Things To Do This February in L.A.

This February in L.A you'll find the SoCal Museums Free-For-All, the L.A. Art Show, Lovers Rock at Grand Park, Bob Baker Day, CicLAvia in The Valley, a KCRW dance party at CAAM, the Chinese New Year Festival at The Huntington, a celebration of life for P-

News | News

McCarthy breaks with Greene on death of Ashli Babbitt

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) broke with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Thursday when asked about the death of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Capitol police during the …

Advice & Self-Help | Advice From Bobby

Can't Fall Asleep? Here Are 7 Ways to Power Down Your Brain

When you can't sleep, it can feel impossible to even try to lull your body to rest. But it's possible. Here's what to do when you can't sleep.

Recipes | Recipes

Air Fryer Sticky Chicken Thighs

Learn how to make air fried Sticky Chicken. Perfectly marinated and cooked to perfection, this keto chicken recipe is so easy when you use the air fryer.

Humor | Humor

What Punk Documentary Interviewee Needs You to Understand Is That at This Point Reagan Was in the White House

Prominent documentary talking head Gareth “Rubber Duck” Wayne is repeatedly reminding everyone that, at the point of the story he is telling, Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

Humor | Humor

Support Waning for Friend in Recovery Now That He Has Six-Pack Abs

Support for local man Kevin Davidson is reportedly waning amongst friends as they slowly realize his recovery bolstered his social status and helped tone his physique beyond their comfort level.

News | NEWS

New NYC law bans takeout joints from providing plastic utensils, napkins, extra containers unless requested

The law, which was sponsored by Bronx Councilwoman Marjorie Velazquez, prohibits restaurants and any other businesses that deliver food from providing utensils, condiment packets, napkins or extra food containers unless those items are specifically reques

Health & Fitness | Health

Want to Avoid the ICU for COVID? Just Take This One Little Pill

Whether or not to take a COVID vaccine and multiple boosters is a decision best left to individuals, who can assess their own risks and potential benefits better than any hamfisted government or corpo...

Recipes | Recipes

Easy Raspberry Cake Filling Recipe - Sally's Baking Addiction

Using frozen raspberries and just 5 other ingredients, this raspberry cake filling comes together in less than 15 minutes.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram could be working on a paid verification feature

Instagram might be considering the possibility of offering paid verification to users, based on code seen by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi..

Pets & Animals | Animal Rescue Stories

63-lb pup finds his forever home after his 'unlucky streak' of 14 failed adoptions goes viral | Daily Mail Online

Ronald, a one-year-old mixed breed pup, had 14 failed adoptions within a month, according to the SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Pets & Animals | Interesting Animal Stories

North Carolina Woman Dives Into Freezing River With 'Turbulent Current' to Save Drowning Mini Poodle

She and another woman had watched the pup fall into the river, but didn't think he would survive until animal rescue arrived.

Business & Finance | Business

Kind Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky made a $220 million mistake—it turned his startup into a $5 billion company

Kind Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky had to make some tough calls while building his company into a $5 billion snack brand.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Harrison Ford Explains How His Younger Face Was Used in Indiana Jones' De-Aging

The wonders of de-aging impressed Harrison Ford after being used in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Politics | Opinion

The entrenchment of Western Jew-hatred

As the age of reason skids off the road, diaspora Jews are rabbits in the headlights

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Ghostwriter add-in brings ChatGPT integration to Microsoft Word

A third-party add-in for Microsoft Word called Ghostwriter brings ChatGPT integration to the productivity software, but it'll cost you.

Politics | American Politics

The Ilhan Omar vote is a turning point for American Jews

Partisan split on booting the congresswoman from committees is more than a symptom of political civil war. It illustrates the normalization of anti-Zionism.

Politics | Opinion

Elder Of Ziyon - It’s Not a “Terror Attack.” It’s a Terror Attack

Why would journalists put "terror attack" in scare quotes when describing the Neve Ya'akov synagogue shooting?

Politics | Debunking Lies

NGOs Blame the Victims: A False “Massacre” in Jenin and “Legitimate Resistance” outside a Jerusalem Synagogue

NGO responses to the terrorist attack in Jerusalem and counter-terror operations in Jenin reflect an immoral agenda that stands in direct contradiction to the human rights mandate that they and their funder-enablers claim.

Politics | Politics

The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar

The press uncritically repeats Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries' claim Democrats 'unequivocally condemned' Ilhan Omar, without any pushback.

Entertainment | The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series has connection to new sci-fi series

Star Trek: The Original Series has connection to new sci-fi series, The Ark, which will premiere on the Syfy channel on February 1.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Key Features To Look For When Purchasing Wine At A Grocery Store - Tasting Table

Shopping for wine at a grocery store may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some key features to look for when purchasing your next bottle.

Recipes | Recipes

Sweet Alabama Pecan Bread | Just A Pinch Recipes

This pecan bread is a tasty treat that can be enjoyed throughout the day. It's goes great with your morning coffee too!

Recipes | Recipes

Chipotle Chicken Marinade - Barefeet in the Kitchen

Smoky chipotles, garlic, and honey are combined in this Chipotle Chicken Marinade. This simple marinade is packed with an awesome smoky southwestern flavor.

Humor | Humor

Argument - Monty Python

One of my favourite sketches from the original TV series of Monty Python's Flying Circus

Business & Finance | Business

Twitter to end free access to its API in Elon Musk’s latest monetization push

Twitter will discontinue offering free access to the Twitter API starting February 9 and will launch a paid version.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

Things To Do This Weekend in L.A. (2-3-2023 to 2-5-2023)

This February 3-5 in Los Angeles, check out First Fridays at NHM, a Celebration of Life for P-22, Chinese New Year at The Huntington, the SoCal Museums Free-For-All, a Puppy Bowl Rally, Listening By The Moonrise, and more.

Politics | Politics

Justice Reform For Israel, Essential, Courageous, and Blessed - NewsBlaze News

Israel's newly elected Government embarks on courageous justice reform, aiming to restore proper balance between the branches of government.

Politics | POLITICS

Republicans Boot Ilhan Omar Off Foreign Affairs Committee Over Anti-Semitism

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) delivered on his promise Thursday to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her extensive history of anti-Semitism.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Workplace Quicksand: The Drama Triangle: a quick 6-minute video that explains how to escape this quicksand | Workplace C

Drama triangle: workplace quicksand: a quick 6-minute video that explains the drama triangle; how it pull you in & how to antidote it

News | Animal Links

7 Essential Reads About Groundhog Day

Everything you ever wanted to know about one of North America’s weirdest traditions (and also the Bill Murray classic).

Miscellaneous | Judaism

What Is the Authentic Ancient Hebrew Alphabet? - Ketav Ivri vs. Ketav Ashurit

I recently read about some ancient writings that were in a
script called Proto-Hebrew, which the Jews supposedly used to write in before
the current Hebrew script.