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Entertainment | William Shatner

International Space Development Conference 2024 beams up Star Trek's William Shatner and more in Los Angeles

The stars of Star Trek are about to get a taste of real-life space exploration when they beam into the 2024 International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles this weekend.

Recipes | Vintage Recipes

Grandma's Secret Stash: 13 Vintage Recipes You Can't Find In Any Cookbook

Experience the timeless flavors of grandma's vintage recipes, each one a hidden gem that’s not easily found in today’s cookbooks but remains a beloved part of history. These dishes offer a wonderful way to bring

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

Photographer Sues Woman Over Her 90-Year-Old Grandmother's Wallpaper

Photographer sues woman who posted image of her grandmother's apartment, featuring his photo-based wallpaper, on a property rental website.

News | News

Now California Wants to Force You to Ride the Magical Mystery Train

 It takes a special kind of stupid to mandate electric vehicles that many people can't afford, charged on a power grid that can't support them. But beyond even that, it takes a special kind of magical thinking to mandate electric trains that haven't been invented.

Politics | Israeli Politics

Smotrich moves to collapse PA economy after ‘political terrorism'

Israel's finance minister is acting in response to Ramallah's pursuit of unilateral statehood, ICC prosecution.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Israel releases horrifying new video of female hostages kidnapped on October 7

A harrowing video of the abduction of female IDF observers has been released

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

The Ugly Lessons of October 7

The bloodier the terror attacks, the more stark the eliminationist rhetoric, the more support for a Palestinian state

News | In The News

AMC slaps 'Goodfellas' with trigger warning for 'offensive' content that includes 'cultural stereotypes'

AMC Networks added a trigger warning to the classic mob movie “Goodfellas” — rankling those who were in the film and wiseguys alike.