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News | News

FBI cracked Trump shooter's phone with tech from Israel

Software enabled agents to unlock phone in 40 minutes, but didn't yield incriminating information; motive of slain shooter, son of normal, loving, pro-Trump parents, still unclear

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden’s Pentagon: 'Some' blame on Hamas, but Israel must protect Gazans better

"If they truly cared about the Palestinian population, one has to ask why they continue to build command and control nodes, barracks, armories, tunnels underneath the city," per the U.S. Department of Defense.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

The world's big October 7 lies

The strategy of repeating a lie until people believe it has proven to be a bonanza for Hamas.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden Admin Dismantles $230 Million Gaza Pier After Three Weeks of Operation

The Pentagon is permanently dismantling the $230 million humanitarian pier off the coast of Gaza after just three weeks of operation, CBS News reported Wednesday.

Politics | Politics

Trump Campaign Gives Sarcastic Response to Kamala Harris’ Vice Presidential Debate Request

 The calls for President Biden to pass the torch had stopped following the former president and current GOP nominee for president, Donald Trump's assassination attempt, but the Democrats have ramped up those calls in the past couple of days.

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Is Homemade Dog Food a Good Idea? | Dog Food Advisor

Should you feed your dog a homemade diet? Discover the challenges and benefits of cooking for your dog. By the Dog Food Advisor.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

How Amanda Nguyen Uses Fashion to Empower Survivors of Sexual Assault

After her rape, the activist was asked what she had been wearing. So she decided to stage a runway show to help survivors reclaim that question in a new context.

News | Interesting Stories

Hostages and the Lessons Not Learned

One of the lessons we are taught over and over again in school is “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” One of the lessons we learn from experience is that if you give in to a bully or allow yourself to be blackmailed, the oth

Health & Fitness | Health News

Lifestyle Changes Key to Preventing Half of Cancer Deaths, American Cancer Society Report Reveals

In a report by the American Cancer Society (ACS), researchers have identified that up to half of cancer deaths in the United States could potentially be prevent

Politics | Politics

JD Vance - 'Biden is making it harder for Israel to defeat Hamas'

Ohio senator tapped to be Trump's running mate blasts Biden's policies on Israel-Hamas war in his first interview after being named the GOP vice presidential candidate.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

TAU researchers allow patient to 'speak' with thought alone

The findings offer hope for those unable to speak due to conditions such as ALS, brainstem stroke or brain injury, the researchers said.

Politics | Politics

REPORT: Police Spotted Trump Rally Shooter Nearly a Half Hour Before Shots, and It Gets Worse

 I wrote earlier about a great video compilation from MilkBarTV that showed the Trump assassination attempt from a variety of angles, and it also showed there were almost two minutes after people spotted him before the shots rang out. I also mentioned the witness who told the BBC he thought it was even longer than that.

Politics | Politics

Jill Biden Orchestrated Kimberly Cheatle Heading the Secret Service, Now Everyone Is Doubling Down

 How exactly did Kimberly Cheatle rise the lead the United States Secret Service? A new report points the finger at Jill Biden, stating that she and her top advisor pushed for the appointment.

Politics | Politics

The Vibes Are Great Again: Bandaged Trump Rallies 'United and Energized' GOP In Milwaukee

Thunderous chants of "USA" filled the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, where former president Donald Trump made his first public appearance since surviving an assassination attempt—his bandaged ear a reminder of how narrowly he cheated death just two days befor

News | News

COWARDS: Paris memorial for 1972 Olympics massacre to be held in secret over threats

Israel Olympic Committee says decision to relocate and postpone Paris City Hall event due to logistics; Palestinian Authority minister tells athletes to bring 'resistance' to Games